Mental Health Awareness week

How can you improve your mental health with some simple steps? This is not a solution to all mental health issues, however by taking some time for ourselves and setting some goals/challenges can contribute to positive mental health. This post is all about the simple things you can try to improve your own mental health … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness week


Started from the bottom, now I’m here

Where can an apprenticeship in business lead? Summary: This article is here for you to see if the business route is for you and if so where it could lead. You can find out all you need to know about business administration as a starting point for a career in the industry. An apprenticeship is … Continue reading Started from the bottom, now I’m here

Is an apprenticeship the right route for me?

Summary: Are you exploring your options for an apprenticeship and think that this could be the route for you? This article will tell you all you need to know, and if this is the ideal fit for your future career. Who is an apprenticeship for? Apprenticeships are a great way into the industry of your … Continue reading Is an apprenticeship the right route for me?